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Couple getting keys to their new home

How to Buy Your First Home

We walk you thru the home-buying process starting with a free consultation, helping you find a realtor to getting your keys.

How to Position Yourself to Buy

We coach you thru credit restoration while educating you on the home-buying process until you are ready to buy.

Making house money

How to Make House Money

We show you how to generate passive income by purchasing rental properties and flipping homes for profit.

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I met Nancy over 30 years ago when I attended Spring Valley High School. Years later (2000) when my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home, she was the ONLY ONE I called! I had no idea what to do or what to expect, but she was right by our sides as we went through the closing process. We couldn’t have done it (comfortably) without her. That was 21 years, 1 week and 2 days ago. Thanks, Ms. Johnson!

Teet H D

We met in Person February 14, 1995 and I knew I had the Best Realtor to sit with me & my husband on Valentine’s to see what we wanted in our new home!! The rest is History and the Story is still being written!! We closed November 1995 (a week before Thanksgiving) and celebrated Thanksgiving dinner in our new home making memories then & Now!!

Martha Eubanks

I met Nancy over 25 years ago. She was my real estate professional. My deal fell through due to divorce but a few years later I was at a crossroad and ran into her on our neighborhood bridge and I told her that I was thinking about real estate as a profession and never looked back. Thank you for your encouragement, support and friendship over the years.

Julia Brown DuBose

In 2000, she took the time to come to our home to help us determine if our home was in good condition and ready for the market. Overall, the house was in great shape, but she advised us to replace the kitchen floor. We took the advice and called her after the work was done. She completed the paperwork to list the house, and two days later, we had a full-price offer. The amazing thing about our transaction is the listing never made it outside of her agency. She never posted the FOR SALE sign in the yard. When the agency’s sign was posted, it was posted as SOLD. Awesome work Nancy and thanks for helping us to find our current community and home! You Rock!

Michael and Andrea Williams

I had the pleasure of witnessing Nancy Johnson’s expertise during my tenure as an Admin at NationsBank (now Bank of America). Her heart is invested in community and homeownership and she works tirelessly toward that end. Trust Nancy Johnson to open doors for you.

April B.

I had the opportunity to purchase and read Ms. Nancy’s book. It’s a true testament that there is no excuse for not rising to the top regardless of your situation.

DJuanaDFitz the Designer Brand Consulting

What an awesome read!! Looking to get into the real estate business in the very near future!


Easy reading and I really enjoyed the book


Absolutely enjoyed this book!!

TIffany M

This book is Amazing! It filled my tank & gave me the courage to do what I’ve always wanted to do! Work for MYSELF! I’m now 5 months into being self employed and I have no regrets! God has and will continue to provide! Thank you for putting your story out & letting God use you to help others!!


I just finished my real- estate training and was looking for insights into the field. Not only did I receive insights I also received motivation, inspiration, and the principles of success (ie. hard work and the power of giving)

Leah J.