5 Tips on Staging Your Home

5 Tips on Staging Your Home


There are many components to selling a home. One part of selling a home is staging. Home staging highlights a home’s assets and helps buyers imagine themselves living in the home. Many home buying agents believe that a staged home affects a buyer’s view of the home. Real estate agents also find it more accessible for homebuyers to visualize the home as their own. As a seller, home staging can increase the home’s value and decrease the amount of time the home is on the market. Use these five tips to help you stage your home.

  • De-personalize 

One objective of staging a home is to help prospective buyers visualize the home as their own. Your home should start as a blank canvas. You want your home to be stylish and comfortable but avoid personal touches. Remove private pictures, both framed pictures on the walls and surfaces. Store your clothes away and out of sight. Be sure to clean the bathroom counters of personal items, for example, toothbrushes and hair care products. Although de-personalizing your home may feel weird to live in, buyers need to connect with your home. 

  • Clean, Clean, Clean

Get rid of clutter and clean your home. Removing clutter will make your home look significantly bigger and more desirable. Remember, you do not have to get rid of your things forever, just until the home selling process is over. Clean out your hall closets and show how spacious it is. While you get rid of the clutter, do not forget to clean your home. Every square inch of your home should be squeaky clean. From the floors to the baseboards to the ceiling fans, do not neglect cleaning anything. 

  • Lighten Up the Place

Dark lighting makes rooms feel sad and small. Open all the windows and let as much light in. Light will make the room feel bigger. When you open your house up for showings, turn on all the lights in addition to opening the blinds. By doing that, you make your home feel more welcoming and save prospective buyers the trouble of having to figure out how to turn on the lights. 

  • Go Neutral

  Bright colors are a great way to show your personality in a home, but not when selling your home. However, bright colors can distract buyers from the home’s assets and can be a turn-off. Although this staging tip can get costly, it can be beneficial for you in the end. Using neutral colors like gray, taupe, and white will allow the buyers to imagine decorating the home. 

  • Stage Where Necessary

Staging a home can be costly, so only stage where it is necessary. All rooms are not considered equal. Focus your efforts on rooms with the most significant potential to influence a buyer’s decision to buy your home. The main rooms buyers are most interested in are the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Focus on the rooms that matter and save money. 


Get ready for your home to sell fast by using the five staging tips. First, de-personalize your home, although it may feel weird to live in. Get rid of clutter and clean every square inch of your home. Next, open all the windows and turn on your lights to brighten up the house. Next, repaint your home with neutral colors to help buyers visualize the home as theirs. Finally, remember to only stage necessary rooms, like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. If you need more home selling and buying tips, go to nancyopensdoors.com. 

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