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Five Signs Of A Good Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling a home is stressful and finding a good real estate agent is also stressful. You need an agent that will carry you through the buying and selling process. There are many real estate agents out there, and here are five signs to look for when choosing your real estate agent. 


  1. Honest

Honesty is vital in any relationship. If your agent makes a lot of promises and gives you endless affirmations, most likely, your agent is not being truthful. A good agent will not be afraid to be honest with you about your budget, what you can afford, and how to correctly price your home. Your real estate agent must tell you each property’s pros and cons and if it may be good in investment. An excellent real estate agent will not always tell you what you want to hear, and that is always a good thing. 


  1. Responsive and Available

Communication between you and your real estate agent is vital. An agent that doesn’t return your calls or emails or doesn’t guide you through the process can make things more stressful.  Knowing the best way to contact your agent will help you choose an agent. In addition, asking questions like what days they are off and the best way to contact them will help you set your expectations and boundaries between you and your agent. 


  1. Experienced

It pays to have experience. While everyone has to start somewhere, choosing an agent with years of experience will be very beneficial for you. An agent with experience knows how to negotiate and guides you through financing and inspections. The best way to learn how much experience an agent has is to ask how many times they have renewed their licenses. Asking this question will teach you how long they have been a real estate agent. It varies state by state, but the average real estate agent renews their licenses between two and three years. Agents renew their license regularly without gaps can leave you confident that the agents succeed in closing deals. 


  1. Strong Network

Working with a real estate agent with a strong network can benefit you. Having a solid network shows that your agent has taken the time to build and cultivate a network of associated professionals. The network that your agent has created will make your experience go smoothly as possible. A good agent will have connections with professionals that can help in different situations such as financing, insurance, inspections, construction, trades, zoning, and more. You should be able to turn to your agent with a problem, and they will be able to give you the best recommendations that you can trust. 


  1. Familiar with the Area

Technically any agent can help you buy or sell a home. However, it will help you more if your agent knows the area you want to buy or sell a home. They can tell you the pros and cons of a neighborhood; they can answer questions about property taxes, water rates, local schools, etc. Also, if you are moving to a new state, you want a real estate agent that knows where to find the best homes that fit your lifestyle. 


As a home buyer or seller, the real estate agent you select will make your experience pleasant or unbearable. Before choosing your agent, be sure your agent is honest, responsive, experienced, has a strong network, and is familiar with the area. These traits will help you get the best deals when it comes time to close on a home. For more real estate tips, go to 

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